Five Reasons to See… The Kite Runner, Playhouse Theatre

Having had a successful West End run earlier this year, Giles Croft’s production is back in London due to popular demand. If you haven’t seen it yet here is why you should: 

Kite Runner West End poster artwork

1. The story: everything about Khaled Hosseini’s story is so vivid and rich in detail that watching it unfold on stage feels particularly special. There is nothing false about it – everything is said and done for a purpose and is ultimately a touching but devastating story that really packs a punch. If you haven’t read the book, then everything that happens will hit you time and time again that is emotionally exhausting but powerful to watch.

2. The production: the staging might be simplistic, but Giles Croft’s production really allows the characters and the story to take centre stage, realising there is enough theatricality and drama within the story that no further embellishments (except for the use of video projection to great effect) were really required. By keeping everything low key, the audience is really able to sit up and pay attention to the story that is unfolding in front of them.

3. Andrei Costin as Hassan: all of the cast are extremely good and deliver memorable performances, but for me Costin as Hassan is a quiet and understated performance but enhances the sense of Amir’s betrayal well in his reactions and clear devotion that is really heartbreaking to watch. You really can not fault his performance.

4. The passion and heart that has gone into the creation of the show: throughout every scene and moment, the audience really gets a sense of just how much time and thought has gone into the creation of the production of this beloved book. Everything is treated respectfully of Khaled Hosseini’s original story, from the lighting to the way in which some of the more horrific moments of the plot are dealt with. Nothing has been left to chance. There is also a lot of passion, the characters and therefore the cast’s emotions are constantly on the edge that in turn has an effect on the audience.

5. It has a lot of emotional impact on the audience: be warned if you do go and see it prepare to at least well up with tears or bring a couple of buckets with you to hold your tears in because with so much hurt and betrayal in evidence it is not hard to get emotionally invested in the show.

The Kite Runner will play at the Playhouse Theatre until the 26th August. To book tickets visit: ATG Tickets,,  See, Discount, Theatre Tickets, Love, Last,Theatre and UK


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