Review Round Up: Into the Unknown: A Journey into Science Fiction, The Barbican

The Barbican goes deep into the world of science fiction to uncover the mysterious worlds created by the likes of Jules Verne and Ray Harryhausen in this exhibition including more than 800 works. Here’s what critics have been saying about the exhibition:

Evening Standard: **** “It’s a sci-fi journey, but also a tribute to human imagination; our ingenious hopes and irrational fears.”

The Telegraph: *** “It should work on boys of every vintage. There are monster maquettes and models of modules and capsules, even if not all of them are displayed at optimal height for a stargazing 11-year-old.”

The Guardian: “all you can do is to try and enjoy the spectacle of it all, saving any questions for Google once you get home. Maddening lack of context aside, there’s a lot to see and some of it we may never glimpse here again.”

City Am: ***** “Into the Unknown is an unmissable snapshot of this vibrant genre, packed with items you may never get another chance to see.”

Time Out: **** “The problem is, arch nerds like yours truly will find endless omissions and holes to pick at, and sci-fi newbies will find it all boring. So the show is aimed squarely at the sci-fi toe-dipper.”

Londonist: **** “This is a great show and science fiction fans will love it, as we did. But nostalgic entertainment outweighs any reflective concepts, thus preventing it from being truly excellent.” : “Into the Unknown is an absorbing, stimulating look at science fiction in all its forms, old and new. It’s a busy, often mind blowing spectacle, on a par with 2014s Digital Revolution games exhibition.”

Creative “the exhibition brings a lot of detail into a relatively small space, so it takes some time to take everything in. That said, there are some rare and stand-out pieces here that chart the evolution of science fiction and reaffirm that our fascination with it shows no sign of slowing down.”

Culture “the exhibition’s concentration on spectacle is enough to please hardcore science fiction fans, as well as newcomers to the genre.”

London Visitors: “This fascinating and entertaining exhibition provides plenty of evidence of the cultural significance of the Science Fiction genre.”

Islington Gazette: “It makes you wonder at the future of technology and at the imaginations of our forebears – how much, and how little, we have fulfilled their predictions: we may not zoom around on (real) hover boards but we do have Siri.”

Seen London: “There is something for everyone here from the Star Wars fan to the consumer of cerebral sci- fi that prefigures future reality. It’s said that creators of sci fi are secular prophets; the Barbican is an excellent secular structure in which to pay homage.”

Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction will be on display at The Barbican until the 1st September. For more information visit:






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