Lana Del Rey is back with a brand new album featuring songs such as ‘White Mustang’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ – here’s what critics have been saying about it: 

Tiny  ” it’s best listened to when you’re in your feelings, and since good news is in short supply, that might be often enough for her gauzy vision of love to feel like a balm, the more wide-eyed the songs the better.”

Drowned in Sound: “Lust for Life represents the thawing of the ice queen we thought we knew, and the strange death of her American dream. The warmth and humility revealed beneath are all the more thrilling for how well they were kept under lock and key. Human after all.”

NME: **** “Sure, it’s a bit silly, but also utterly fabulous too – and that’s why we love Lana so.”

The Guardian: **** ” It’s a mark of Lana Del Rey’s persuasive skill that a good song emerges from under all that baggage. ”

Consequence of Sound: “No matter how deserving Lana is of accreditation, and how close she is to true vindication, less than half of the tunes on Lust for Life are worthy of Born to DieParadiseUltraviolence, or Honeymoon” 

Rolling Stone: *** 1/2 “Lust for Life recalls the gloomy pop laid down by the Walker Brothers in their mid-Sixties heyday, only with trap-era touches, allusions to modern problems and a penchant for songs that drag on just a little too long.” “on Lust for Life, she relishes her position as a kind of cultural medium.” “Lust for Life is a solid entry in a reliable canon and a good push past the confines of the archetypal Lana Del Rey record.”

Paste Magazine: “But despite a handful of missteps, Del Rey continues to reinvent and redefine herself in new and captivating ways, and Lust For Lifeis just one more step in that profound and lovely evolution.”

The Independent: **** “Lust For Life is more of an elaboration on her favourite subjects rather than a repetition, in fact, it’s her most expansive album to date.”

Variety: “Even with a misstep or two, “Lust for Life” is sequenced effectively to tell a story about wallowing and awakening, without getting too heavy-handed.”

Evening Standard: *** “It’s just about enough to keep her interesting, despite the unchanging funeral march pacing.”

MusicOMH: *** 1/2 “With some more judicious editing, a good album could have been an outstanding one, but even so, this is still superior, well-crafted noir-pop that maintains Del Rey’s impressive career to date.”

Pop Matters: “At 16 tracks, Lust for Life is overlong and sometimes unfocused, with inevitable dips in quality here and there.”

Lust for Life is available to buy now