The next exhibition to be displayed at the London gallery will focus on the work of  six indigenous contemporary Australian artists alongside the work of Contemporary British artists. 


On display from the 7th September, the exhibition will celebrate contemporary Australian Indigenous art as well as Western European contemporary art, presenting six esteemed Australian Indigenous artists alongside seven British artists.

Co-curated by Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, director of JGM gallery, London and Juan Bolivar, artist and curator, the display will offer a new perspective of  indigenous Australian art and its tradition over the past  60,000 years.

The exhibition will feature the work of  the Australian artists: Kittey Malarvie, Lily Nungarrayi Hargraves, Freddie Timms, Ngarrlia Tommy May,Mawnhura Jimmy Nerrimah , Keturan Nangala Zimran and the British artists Ralph Anderson, Ben Cove, John Greenwood, Sigrid Holmwood ,Richard Kirwan , John Stark and Daniel Sturgis.

Earth Wind & Fire will examine the use of abstraction, colour and pattern employed by Richard Kirwan, Daniel Sturgis and Ralph Anderson in comparison to the use of similar themes by the contemporary school of indigenous Australian art.

The exhibition aims to reflect on the similarities of conceptual theme and craftsmanship, with treatments and motifs such as home-made pigments, symbolism, abstraction, depictions of nature, and the celebration of culture; both ancient and modern.

Earth Wind & Fire will be on display at the Griffin Gallery from the 7th September until the 20th October. For more information visit:

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