PREVIEW: Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905-55, Tate Modern

Tate Modern will mark the centenary of  the October Revolution this Autumn with its upcoming exhibition. 

Russian Revolution Tate
Fascism – The Most Evil Enemy of Women. Everyone to the Struggle Against Fascism, Nina Vatolina. The David king Collection at Tate. 

Drawing upon the extensive collection of David King, Red Star Over Russia will offer visitors a visual history of Russia and the Soviet Union, covering the period from 1905-1955.

Covering from the overthrow of the last Tsar and the revolutionary uprisings of 1917, through to the struggles of the Civil War and Stalin’s campaign of terror, the exhibition aims to reveal how seismic political events led to the social transformation that inspired a wave of innovation in art and graphic design across the country.

During his lifetime, David king compiled an extensive collection of Russian and Soviet material in the world, consisting of over a quarter of a million artefacts by famous and anonymous photographers, artists and designers. This exhibition will display around 250 posters, paintings, photographs, books and ephemera, many on public display for the first time.

One section of the exhibition will be devoted to the impact of the 1937 ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques’ in Paris, which provided an international stage for the Soviet Union to promote the achievements of its art and culture.  The centrepiece of the USSR Pavilion was three giant murals by Aleksandr Deineka which were destroyed when the exhibition ended. A highlight of Red Star over Russia will be the large-scale studies which formed the basis for these dramatic murals.

The exhibition is curated by Natalia Sidlina, Adjunct Research Curator, Russian Art, Tate Modern, supported by the V-A-C Foundation, and Matthew Gale, Head of Displays, Tate Modern, with Dina Akhmadeeva, Assistant Curator, Collections International Art, Tate Modern, supported by the V-A-C Foundation.

Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905-55 will be on display at Tate Modern from the 8th November until the 18th February 2018. For more information visit:


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