Review Round Up: Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905-55, Tate Modern

Tate Modern’s latest exhibition offers a visual history of Russia and the Soviet Union as seen through the eyes of artists and photographers. Here’s what critics have been saying about it…

Russian Revolution Tate
Facism – The Most Evil Enemy of Women. Everyone to the Struggle Against Facism, Nina Vatolina. The David King Collection at Tate.

The Telegraph: **** “Just because an image is blatant propaganda, doesn’t mean it can’t be great art: that’s the message of this exhibition. From photographs of NKVD execution squads in training to a selection of quasi-feminist Second World War propaganda posters it succeeds in taking us to the mood of the era in all its most euphoric and appalling aspects.”

The Times: **** “fascinating, tightly curated show”

Evening Standard: **** “The impact of Red Star Over Russia is due to a great extent to the feeling that you are entering a period of history that was uniquely amazing.”

The Upcoming: **** “The curators have struck an important balance between admiration for Russia’s creative visual culture and pathos regarding the tragedies that these images either hide or document. Concise and effective, this is a show worth seeing.”

Culture Whisper: **** ” generous and honest, Red Star Over Russia leaves a lasting impression of turbulent times that were as colourful and creative as they were cruel.” “The exhibition is, in fact, the kind of thing that tends to work better as a book you can sit down comfortably and study than it does as a sequence of images, many of them quite small, installed on museum walls or cowering in museum showcases.”

London Visitors: “this fascinating exhibition clearly illustrates the difference between the idealised picture of the Soviet Union and the often grim realities of the system.”

Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture is on display at Tate Modern until the 18th February 2018. For more information visit:


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