Top 10 Favourite Elvis Presley Songs

It is hard to believe but it has been forty years since Elvis passed away, but his music is still proving as popular as ever. Here, Love London Love Culture lists their top 10 favourite songs…

10. Can’t Help Falling in Love – beautifully sincere, this is a song that really showcases Elvis’s velvety and rich vocals perfectly. No matter how many times it is covered, Elvis’s version still manages to touch the heart.

9. (You’re the) Devil in Disguise – Elvis was able to adapt between the soulful to the more up tempo and in this case more sexy sound that really appealed to his young fans – signalling a change in direction for American music.

8. Are You Lonesome Tonight? – once again filled with sincerity and meaning, this song really speaks from the heart. It proves that Elvis was dedicated to putting all his thoughts and emotions into the music that he created – hence why he still influences many artists to this day.

7.  Blue Suede Shoes – with his rock ‘n’ roll vibe, Elvis really loosened up music in America and this song perfectly captures the excitement that must have been felt when he first arrived on the scene.

6. Hound Dog – filled with high energy and sharply sung with plenty of attitude, Hound Dog  really captures the early spirit of Elvis’s early music and is always exciting to listen to.

5. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear – as with all of his music, Elvis was able to sing with great passion and rhythm and this fun and upbeat song gives the listener plenty to smile about.

4. A Little Less Conversation –  this song proves just how ahead of his time Elvis was, creating music that could be readapted for a more modern audience. Sharp, cool lyrics with a great rhythm – it is still a great song that succeeds in keeping Elvis in younger music fans minds.

3. Love Me Tender – this wonderfully romantic song also shows how great Elvis’s vocals were when everything about the song is stripped back and simple.

2. Suspicious Minds –  combining every great element of Elvis’s music, Suspicious Minds is still filled with plenty of sincerity and yet musically it is still an upbeat track that people were able to dance along to.

1.Jailhouse Rock –  Love London Love Culture’s favourite Elvis song not only captures the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of the era, but also shows the changing attitudes of the 1950’s not only in music but in society as a whole; making it an important part of music history.

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