Following watching A Spoonful of Sugar at Live at Zedel last week, here’s Love London Love Culture’s favourite songs written by the Sherman Brothers…

The Age of Not Believing – from the 1971 Disney musical Bedknobs and Broomsticks, this lovely little tune is the perfect choice of explaining of what it is like to grow up and to try and discover yourself. Wonderful lyrics combine perfectly with the wistfulness of the music to create a beautiful song.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – this was the first song written by the Sherman Brothers that I listened to as a child, watching the film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s book one Christmas. I was immediately attracted to the catchiness of the tune and the pure joy that you could hear in every note.

Stay Awake – every song that the Sherman Brothers wrote seemed to have a story in them, pushing the song forward and this song is no different. Wonderfully simple in style, Stay Awake sounds like a gentle lullaby that is soothing to listen to.

Me Ol’ Bamboo – as well as being a brilliantly choreographed dance routine on the screen, the song itself is wonderfully catchy and instantly recognisable.

I Wan’na Be Like You – The Jungle Book might have been the final film that Walt Disney overlooked personally featuring the work of the Sherman Brothers, but this jazzy number shows just how versatile the pair were in creating songs and using a variety of influences.

Let’s go Fly a Kite – its hard not to feel your spirits soar when listening to this song. Poetic in quality and filled with emotion it is hard not to smile when you hear it – no matter how many times you listen to it.

Posh – the Sherman Brothers had a knack for creating songs that are filled with personality and nowhere is it more noticeable than in this song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It is a lot of fun to listen to and is particular favourite from the musical.