Stunningly simple but always engaging, Andrew James Johnson delivers an album of music that is thoughtful and poignant. 


This debut album from the composer and pianist, reveals an artist who has clearly put a lot of thought and dedication into making it sound absolutely precise.

From the gentle and poignant ‘Echoes of Love’, all the way through to the more lively and adventurous ‘Winter’s Heart’, the album has been clearly created to reflect Johnson’s own experiences and outlooks on life.

While for the most part it seems as though it is an album that plays it safe, ‘Winter’s Heart’ has an underlying spirit about it, which particularly comes through in the  tracks such as ‘Moonlight Shadows’  or ‘Elysian Dreams’ – that tend to make the listener think of travel and adventure, the excitement of exploring the unknown.

But Johnson’s performance is also consistently delicate but thought-provoking that keeps the listener engaged with every note. The moments in which he really makes the music soar and lets go of the occasional restrained moment is when the listener is truly able to engage.

There are plenty of different tones to Johnson’s style of music that are pleasing to listen, particularly on ‘Winter’s Heart’, which rises and falls with plenty of variety. It is a track which also exposes the early part of his career in which he wrote advertisement music for film and television.

While some might find the album almost too soft and in need of a bit more variety, there is no mistaking this is overall a very confident sounding album which knows which direction it is heading in. Every song flows into the next with great ease and style that it is hard not to be swept away by every song.

It is a wonderfully tender album, with just enough hint of drama about it to keep things interesting. Worth a listen.

Winter’s Heart by Andrew James Johnson will be released the 17th November. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤




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