The American band are back with their 9th studio album which includes songs such as ‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’ and ‘Sunday Rain’. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up all the latest reviews of the album. 

The Guardian: *** “Concrete and Gold sees the Foo Fighters gently and enjoyably nudge at the boundaries of what they do, rather than crashing through them to new territory.” “As with all Foo Fighters albums, you win some and you lose some—but the net gain is positive, and for the fans, that’s all that matters.”

NME: **** “This is an album where acoustic ballads like ‘Happy Ever After’ that recall the Beatles sit comfortably alongside moody ragers like ‘The Line’.’

Rolling Stone: *** 1/2 “Musically and emotionally, Concrete and Gold is their most balanced record yet.”

Consequence of Sound: “Foo Fighters have finally made an album that sounds like itself, at least for a good chunk, as Concrete and Gold has a psychedelic, prog-metal feel for its opening bid that plays like an omnivore as privileged as Grohl finally got tired of making his Rolodex the story over the music itself.”

All Music: ” Foo Fighters show that they’re in love with light and shade, fury and quiet, every twist and turn they can make with their instruments, and even if Concrete and Gold isn’t about much more than that, it’s refreshing to hear the Foos embrace Grohl’s allegiance to real rock values to the logical flashing conclusion.” “Concrete and Gold, the Foo Fighters’ ninth album, looks out over desolate spaces. Grohl’s lyrics are, by his standard, uncommonly topical.”

Pop Matters: “Concrete and Gold is an apt title. The hard rock is still there but finally there’s a bit of a shimmer and glow, something the band absolutely needed lest they continue treading water.”

The Telegraph: *** “Concrete and Gold is an ambitious and entertaining album. But when it comes to a comparison with Sergeant Pepper, it doesn’t earn its stripes.”

Evening Standard:** ” The result is an album with all the usual energy but none of the feeling.”

Paste Magazine: “For the first time in years, Foo Fighters are taking advantage of the cachet they’ve built as the world’s safest arena rock band. But replicating their energetic show hadn’t translated into an inspired studio effort since 2002’s One By One.”

Concrete and Gold is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 



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