Review Round Up: Goodbye Christopher Robin

Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie star in the biopic of the Winnie the Pooh creator AA Milne. But what have critics had to say about it? 

The Guardian: * “the film feels the need to approach his great creation in the appropriate mood of joyless anaemic solemnity, a mood that intensifies as the second world war approaches.” *** “A wolf in teddy-bear’s clothing, it’s soft and fuzzy on the outside, but its anti-celebrity message has sharp, cutting teeth.”

Empire: **** “while real-life events appear condensed, or slightly moved in the timeline to better fit the film’s narrative, the essence is the same.”

Variety: ” the film seems fixated on the irony that the boy every kid in Britain wanted to be was quite unhappy in his own skin, which as handled, isn’t just eye-opening, but tear-duct-cleansing as well.” **** “the film is a hymn to the stunning rural beauty of England. There are lovely touches of magical realism such as we saw in the recent adaptation of Paddington, which has a similar charm.”

The Telegraph: **** “Director Simon Curtis (My Week With Marilyn) and screenwriter Frank Cotrell-Boyce (24 Hour Party People) don’t pull their punches, except perhaps in the film’s end credits postscript; nobody here lived happily ever after. ”

The Metro: **** “Goodbye Christopher Robin will make you cry – and it may just ruin your childhood forever.”

The Scotsman:** “attempts to explore how joy can be mined from misery, but fails to find a satisfyingly cinematic way to do so.”

The Wrap: “No one’s going to accuse “Goodbye Christopher Robin” of subtlety or of rewriting the biopic rules, but it does dare to go darker than most films like it.”

The Upcoming: *** “Goodbye Christopher Robin is a heartwarming drama that balances nicely between the harsh realities of post-war Britain and the escapism of rural utopian forests and speaking animals.”

Goodbye Christopher Robin is released in UK cinemas  on the 29th September. 





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