PREVIEW: The Jazz Gig, Omnibus Theatre

To mark this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival photographer Jim Grover will host a solo photography exhibition which captures the intensity, emotion and movement of jazz musicians in full flow at the Omnibus Theatre from the 1st November. 

The Jazz Gig.jpg

On display at the Omnibus Theatre in Clapham, the collection of 35 black and white images features celebrated musicians such as Rob Luft, Misha Mullov-Abbado, their bands and other musicians.

For his latest photographic project, Jim Grover wanted to create a musical journey, which mirrors the rhythm and noise of a jazz gig. His images was influenced in part by a short-lived Japanese photographic movement, Provoke, whose style included blurred images that captured fleeting moments.

Talking about the project the photographer said: ““I wanted to bring to life the beautiful sounds, emotions, and intensity of a jazz gig through a series of still images. Not an easy thing to do! Only if you hear music when you see some of the images, will I have succeeded. In Duke Ellington’s words: ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing’.”

All of the photographs featured were taken at Omnibus Theatre during four separate jazz concerts during this summer.

This is Jim Grover’s fourth solo exhibition, following on from ‘Of Things Not Seen’ (2016); ’48 Hours on Clapham High Street’ (2017); and ‘Café Delight is 21’ (2017).

The Jazz Gig will be on display at the Omnibus Theatre in Clapham from the 1st November until the 3rd December. For more information visit:

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