Review Round Up: Hair The Musical, The Vaults

Following on from a successful run at the  Hope Mill Theatre, Jonathan O’Boyle’s 50th anniversary production of the musical arrives in London. Here’s what critics have been saying about it…


1967 and HAIR‘s hippie-hood youngsters live as The Tribe, in the East Village of New York: yearning to change the world, questioning authority and the American flag. They are wild, colourful, free, sexually liberated beautiful people who join in protest and song – under the shadow of the Vietnam War.

The Telegraph: *** “This exuberant production from Jonathan O’Boyle embraces the spirit of Sixties permissiveness”

The Independent: *** “this Hair may fail to find much truth in all the pot smoke and flower power. But it is also a burstingly big-hearted production, and still proves quite a trip.”

The Stage: *** “It makes for engaging entertainment but blunts the teeth of the tale about the rise and fall of the Summer of Love in 1967 and the anti-Vietnam War protest movement.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Although billed as an immersive staging, Jonathan O’Boyle’s imaginative new production of Hair doesn’t really do anything particularly new.”

British **** “You might not be thinking about Hair’s the next day but you’ll certainly be humming the tunes.  As the gloomy winter approaches, Hair’s fabulous music and energy is a guaranteed to give you a ray of sunshine.” ***** “the 14-strong cast, as acrobatic as they are vocally nimble, never seem to need a moment off. They possess never-ending energy as they strip, frolic and fight for their rights.”

Theatre Weekly: ***** “The stunning look and the exceptional cast of Hair The Musical will sweep you up in a wave of ecstasy, for some it will be nostalgic, for others a revelation, for everyone it will be an unforgettable and joyous experience.”

Time Out: **** “This stripped-back production forgoes big-budget effects for buckets of lo-fi atmosphere. It really sells the gospel of togetherness that ‘Hair’ is preaching.”

Broadway World: * “With rock musicals, one accepts that some words will be lost below the bass, guitar and drums, but hearing so few clearly does leave me with the feeling of having been at a banquet and been offered only the hors d’oeuvres.”

West End Wilma:***** “Hair is a masterpiece of musical theatre, inspiring countless musicals and creatives in its wake and this production is just as affecting.”

London Theatre1: ***** “Big changes start with small steps, and a celebration of “peace, love and happiness” in Waterloo Vaults seems the perfect place to start. “Join the tribe!” ”

Culture Whisper: *** “It’s not the slickest show, but Hair the Musical is certainly infectious and uplifting.”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: **** “Jonathan O’Boyle’s production of Hair is an exciting revival of a show that was to define so much of the 1960s.”

Rewrite This Story: ***** “This production is fresh and striking and certain to be loved by audiences during its run.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “As an anniversary revival of a show which is so in demand that it even got a name check on The Archers, one could not ask for anything more.”

Last Minute Theatre Tickets:*** “Performances are enthusiastically delivered amongst the ensemble, with Andy Coxon and Shekinah McFarlane (as Berger and Dionne, respectively) as particular standouts.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “Finally there is a challenge for anyone not to thoroughly enjoy the close of the show – it leaves the audience on a natural high – ironic given the reference to drug intake throughout the entertaining evening.”

Radio Times: **** “Director Jonathan O’Boyle and choreographer William Whelton’s superb staging fits The Vaults like a glove, and the blank canvas of the venue has allowed producer Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainments to create a completely immersive experience.”

Hair the Musical continues to play at The Vaults until the 13th October 2018. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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