This new display at the House of Illustration will focus on the drawings of Lucinda Rogers whose work concentrates on London’s changing landscape and is the forth commission from the House of  Illustration. 


House of illustration

On display from the 28th October, Lucinda Rogers: On Gentrification will feature a number of large-scale drawings which capture the gentrification of Dalston, in particular exploring the tension between the local community and property developers driving up land value.

Over the last few months, the artist has particularly focused her attention on Ridley Road Market, capturing its unique residents, shops and stalls, while at the same time drawing the luxury apartment block being built next door.

Talking about the drawings, Lucinda Rogers said: “My drawings are about recording things that happen around the edges of everyday life and how our surroundings are changing. They are observations on a particular day, what I saw and discovered, my feelings about the market and its surroundings. What I choose to leave out or leave in makes the picture.”

This is the fourth display of work commissioned by the House of Illustration. Previous commissions include: Hattie Stewart (2014 – textiles questioning ‘aspirational’ imagery); Paddy Molloy (2015 – projections intervening in urban space); and Laura Carlin (2016 – the narrative potential of ceramics).

Lucinda Rogers: On Gentrification will be on display at the House of Illustration from the 28th October until the 11th February 2018. For more information visit:



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