Review Round Up: Albion, Almeida Theatre

This new play by Mike Bartlett is directed by Rupert Goold – marking their first collaboration since King Charles III. But what have critics been making of their latest venture? 



The Guardian: **** “It all makes for a long evening, but a rich one: a modern equivalent of Shaw’s Heartbreak House.”

The Telegraph: ***** “the genius of the piece is that it contemplates the political by cleaving firmly to the personal.”

Evening Standard: **** “the play is shot through with shrewdly observed humour, and there are moments of vivid poignancy.”

The Independent: ***** “Albion is a work of deeply absorbing emotional richness and symphonic density.”

Time Out: **** “Overripe in places, ‘Albion’ is not in quite the same league as the pair’s last collaboration ‘King Charles III’. But it is, mostly, powerfully bittersweet stuff, in its sighing way as the first major Brexit play.”

Radio Times: **** “It’s an impressive and ambitious play, but sometimes you feel Bartlett has bitten off a bit more than he can chew.”

British Theatre Guide: “Albion is yet another wonderful example of the strength of British playwriting today and there seems little doubt that it will follow Ink from the Almeida to the West End in the New Year, if not sooner.”

Theatre Cat: “Only the brilliance of the writing, a welcome satirical edge in the first hour and some remarkable breathtaking performances all through prevent it feeling like a Hampstead Novel made flesh.”

Albion continues to play at the Almeida Theatre until the 24th November 2017. For more information visit:



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