PREVIEW: Aftershock: Theatre N16’s Military Season

From the 6th November, Theatre N16 will present a season of military themed work in remembrance of wars past, discussion of current conflicts and warning of those which may yet come to pass.


As part of the season, three core plays will examine what it means  to go to war and how it changes us in the process, alongside many other short plays, one night runs and other pieces.

The first play to be presented as part of the season is Martin Mcnamara’s I.E.D, which looks at the treatment of women in the military and set during the recent conflict in Afghanistan. It will run between the 6th-11th November.

This will then be followed by Last Man Standing, a piece which was devised,written and directed by GCSE students. Running from the 12th to the 18th November, it is a story which examines the fine line which divides loyalty and duty; love and obsession.

Finally, Tree in the Sky tackles post-traumatic stress and the threat of nuclear war. As a pilot in the US air squadron which dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima, Claude Eatherly is consumed by guilt. Accomplished and decorated for bombing missions over Tokyo, he seeks to destroy any heroic perception of himself upon returning to America. It will play at the theatre from the 21st to the 25th November.

Other events to look out for during the course of the season include War Plays , Knock Knock, The Price of Iron and The Australian Girl.

Tickets will be available to all core shows in a £30 season pass or cost between £12- £15 individually.

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