Beginning on the 25th October, Blüthner will present their inaugural concert series exclusively at St John’s, Smith Square until mid-July 2018. 

Blüthner copy

Throughout the series international artists such as Dmitry Masleev, Anna Fedorova, Chenyin Li and David Fray will perform keyboard music throughout the centuries at the London venue to showcase the unique and versatile tone of the Blüthner pianos.

This Blüthner Piano Series  will bring the instrument’s unique Golden Tone to audiences at St John’s for seven recitals across the 2017/2018 season to highlight the versatility, depth, and character of the Blüthner instrument.

The repertoire will include Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven; Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Brahms; Stravinsky and transcriptions of Chinese music; Sjogren, Nielssen, and Nilsson.

From its inception in 1853 by Julius Blüthner, Blüthner has been an innovative company, which can be seen today in its impressive range of design pianos. The starry list of Blüthner advocates includes Brahms, Mahler, Bartók, Debussy, Reger, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Liberace, Stevie Wonder, and Ariana Grande

The concert dates are as follows:

25th October 2017 Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective (Tom Poster)

30th November 2017 Dmitry Masleev

17th January 2018 Anna Fedorova

17th April 2018 Martin Sturfalt

23rd May 2018 Chenyin Li

20th June 2018 Anne Queffélec

11th July 2018 David Fray

For more information about the concerts visit:


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