Review Round Up: Red Pill Blues by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 are back with a brand new album – find out what critics have been making of it with Love London Love Culture’s round up of the reviews…

The Guardian: *** ” Singer Adam Levine has said this is the group’s R&B album, and so it is, though not in any remotely experimental way: superstar rap guest spots can’t disrupt the torpor that too often becomes a default setting.”

Slant Magazine: ** “listening to Red Pill Blues makes one yearn for an era when there at least seemed to be more room for genuinely ambitious, artful Top 40 pop.”

The Times: ** “Maroon 5 must have access to a machine that creates cheesy pop sounds at the touch of a button, because this is not so much a collection of songs as a series of hooks, repeated until they worm their way into your brain whether you want them to or not.”

The FT: *** ” Smooth high vocals and catchy tunes give the songs a degree of charm.”

All *** 1/2 ” Red Pill Blues doesn’t play like a collective rhythmic and melodic hook in search of an ear: each cut unfolds with its own internal logic, with the different textures playing nicely off each other.”

Press Play Ok: *** “It’s as if they’ve taken the time to study the best trends of pop and polish them to decent order while, of course, remaining completely sanitised.”

Irish Times: ** “They concoct a cocktail of the most generic love songs like a collection of bargain-basement Valentine’s cards. Free from real sentiment or emotion, they are the perfect anthems for the blank, right-swiping, ghosting generation.”

Red Pill Blues is available to buy and download now

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