Five Reasons to See…Aladdin

At the beginning of the week Love London Love Culture paid a visit to see Aladdin The Musical  – here’s five reasons why you should pay a visit…


1. It’s been 25 years since the film was released: yes you read that correctly! 25 years since the original Disney film was released and it still remains one of Disney’s most beloved classics. So what better time to celebrate this than by paying a visit to see the story unfold right in front of you?

2. The musical features some new elements to make it stand out: while the story remains in tact, there are a few changes in the musical version that means it won’t be constantly compared with the beloved film – including a few new characters and a couple of different scenes to unfold the story.

3. Trevor Dion- Nicholas as the Genie: it would be fair to say that one of the most iconic characters in any Disney film is the Genie – who was of course voiced by the brilliant Robin Williams. So it is reassuring to see that Trevor Dion Nicholas really gives his all in the role,  with a lot of warmth, humour and plenty of energy that is really infectious. But most importantly, he is able to put his own style onto the iconic character without unfair comparisons creeping in.

4. Dazzling costumes and sets: there is no denying that this is a beautiful production to look at in terms of the costumes and elaborate sets that really capture the dazzling spectacle well – particularly during the known sequences in the Cave of Wonders and of course the wonderfully choreographed ‘A Whole New World’ sequence.

5. New additional songs that will delight those who love the film: naturally, all of the songs from the original film are included, but the musical also features a few unexpected treats in the form of songs that were supposed to be in the film but were cut out including ‘Proud of Your Boy’ and ‘High Adventure’ which are great additions to the soundtrack.

Aladdin is currently playing at the Prince Edward Theatre until the 28th April 2018. To book tickets visit: Theatre.comLast Minute.comTheatre Tickets Theatre.comTheatre and Love London Love Culture

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