Review Round Up: Rose Wylie: Quack Quack, Serpentine Gallery

Discover what critics thought of the Serpentine Gallery’s latest exhibition showcasing the work of the British artist… 

Rose wylie quack quack.jpg

The Observer: **** “The curators of this show are putting considerable emphasis on Wylie’s film paintings, based on scenes from particular movies, and on the cinematic aspects of her art, which aren’t obvious to me.”

The Guardian: ***** “The freedom and courage of Rose Wylie shows a way forward for painting in this century. She proves why painting is better than video art, performance art or digital art. Because it is braver.”

The Times:  “At 83, the painter has become art’s hot new thing. Quite right too.”

Time Out: **** “Wylie doesn’t want you to talk about her age, but it matters. These paintings feel free, unconstrained. The kids are gone, society’s expectations have been cast aside, any ideas of success or some highfalutin art career have been abandoned, all that’s left is to make whatever she wants.”

The Upcoming: **** “Thoughtfully curated and making good use of the Serpentine Sackler’s beautiful gallery space, Quack Quack is guaranteed to brighten up a chilly winter day, and certainly makes a more palatable alternative to the Winter Wonderland down the road.” “Wylie’s paintings are a reminder of how things coexist in our mind’s eye and how the memory of a place or time is never a simple, fixed thing: merely a few threads plucked in the moment from a shimmering tangle.”

The Arts Desk: “Her work feels like a restless enquiry into what painting might contribute to the electronic age, and it is this sense of endless searching plus the irreverent humour that keeps her pictures so fresh and alive. ”

Rose Wylie: Quack Quack is on display at the Serpentine Gallery until the 11th February 2018. For more information visit:



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