Paulette Randall directs this production of Denise Deegan’s parody of  1920s schoolgirl novels. Here Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews: 

Our plucky heroine Daisy is ready for a topping new term and to take on a jolly ripping mystery in this whizzo family treat for Christmas. In Go People’s anarchic hands, Denise Deegan’s fabulously affectionate parody of 1920s schoolgirl novels is transformed into a rip roaring spectacle of ensemble theatrical magic.

The Stage: *** “The show is at its best when it allows itself a madcap, panto-ish energy – Pauline McLynn and Clare Perkins are standouts, leaning whole-heartedly into the anarchy. ”

Islington Gazette: ***** “A spiffing evening’s entertainment, oozing with oodles of fun. A Christmas cracker.”

The Guardian: *** ” Despite the double entendre in the title, the play is clean as a whistle and harmless fun, but somewhat relentless in its gaiety.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “There is a message: it’s wrong that wealth should buy you influence. But it is lightly worn. The real pleasure lies in an imaginatively staged hockey match, a cliff top rescue and a ridiculously convoluted happy ending. Spiffing fun for Christmas.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Deegan’s script may not be the sharpest, but this production succeeds in turning it into a 1920s Mean Girls – a ripping yarn that is simply spiffing.”

British Theatre Guide: “In the season of goodwill, Daisy Pulls It Off could be a perfect alternative to the panto for family groups, with its mixture of comedy and social commentary delivered deliberately unsubtly but most effectively, particularly in the later stages of the evening.”

Everything Theatre:  **** “Daisy Pulls It Off is quite simply a charming little comedy with a big spirit and a highly enjoyable way to spend an evening. Hats off to them!”

London Box Office: **** “This play works best when played straight and director Paulette Randall has found and nailed the comedy at every moment.”

Theatre Bubble: **** “Rather than being an antidote to panto, it is a ripping way to start the festive season, and will appeal to all ages – both those who spent their childhood engrossed in the adventures of schoolgirl heroines and the Harry Potter generation. Not an easy feat, but the Park theatre has pulled it off.”

Time Out: **** “Daisy Pulls It Off is hardly Christmassy, aside from a mention of a mince pie, but it does have all the broad, gleeful panto elements that make for an ideal seasonal treat. Paulette Randall has pulled it off.”

British **** “Daisy Pulls It Off doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a lot of jolly good fun.”

View from the Cheap Seat: “If you’re after a ripping laughing this Christmas, but one with a tiny bit of bite, it’s hard to think of a better show than Daisy Pulls It Off.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “If you’re after some entertainment this festive season, look no further than Daisy Pulls It Off. Director Paulette Randall’s production is filled to the brim with fun, frolics and is ideal for adults and children alike. Truly spiffing!”

Daisy Pulls it Off continues to play at the Park Theatre until the 13th January. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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