Review Round Up: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The eagerly anticipated latest film in the film series is released in cinemas today (15th December). Here’s what critics have had to say about it: 

Evening Standard: **** “After a ponderous start and a slightly draggy middle, the film picks up the pace with a pair of seriously electrifying twists, and nails its emotional landing perfectly. It will leave you greedy for more.”

The Guardian: **** “The Last Jedi gives you an explosive sugar rush of spectacle. It’s a film that buzzes with belief in itself and its own mythic universe – a euphoric certainty that I think no other movie franchise has.”

Wired: “the invention and daring here overwhelm most of its flaws.”

Variety: “The Last Jedi possesses the same reverence for the galaxy Lucas created, paying homage in all the right places (from the chills we get from John Williams’ iconic fanfare to the new-and-improved walkers that appear during the climactic siege) while barely advancing the narrative.”

IGN: “Johnson manages to tell a deeply personal yet large-scale tale that gives every character a moment to shine.”

Empire: **** “it’s a long time since a huge franchise movie has delivered the thrills and feels in such surprising ways.”

The Verge: “The Last Jedi feels like a deliberate, thought-through corrective. It sums up its theme in its title: it’s trying, as respectfully and carefully as possible, to let go of some of the old traditions, and look for the next steps for a world that’s rapidly expanding, and needs to escape its old, familiar conflicts if it’s going to grow.”

The Independent: **** “The Last Jedi can occasionally be too goofy or free-roaming for its own good, but it’s an impossible film to sit in front of and not have a good time.”

The Sun: “But despite being much too long and occasionally drifting into the CGI hell of the prequels, it’s a great Star Wars movie which will satisfy the fans who grew up with the originals, as well as kids who aren’t burdened by nostalgia.” “Johnson might be stuck with multiple story lines, but each has its own look, its own palette to match the many motifs in John Williams’s ever-invigorating score, which quotes from itself constantly and still sounds fresh.”

City Am: **** “The Last Jedi offers nothing new, but it does lay down its familiar deck of cards in some intriguing ways, offering more vision and complexity than Abrams’ fanboyish – if still fun – homage reboot.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out now in cinemas. 


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