Review Round Up: All the Money in the World

Ridley Scott’s latest film focuses on the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Here Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

The Guardian: **** “Plummer doesn’t look like a hasty replacement. He relishes and luxuriates in the role. It fits him perfectly. Getty is exactly right for Plummer’s talent for subversive glittery-eyed grandfatherly mischief, cut with a dash of misanthropic malice.”

Empire: **** “As a thriller it’s consistently gripping, if sometimes a smidge reliant on cliché. As a study of how cold, hard cash can make a man’s heart cold and hard itself, it’s terrific.”

The Independent: “For all the vigour of the action scenes – a fire deliberately started in the fields in Calabria, a night-time chase around the maze-like streets of a Calabrian town – this is a character drama, not a conventional crime movie.”

Variety: ” Plummer is easily the best thing about a film that is technically accomplished, yet a bit too mechanical in the way it sets up and executes the high-stakes kidnapping at its center.”

Den of Geek: ****” Ridley Scott clearly had a whale of a time making All The Money In The World – which is partly why it’s also such a thrilling movie to watch.” “Through the tension in her body and intensity of her voice, Williams conveys not just the terror of losing a son but the tragic absurdity of bearing the illustrious name Getty when family ties confer zero power.” “At its best, All the Money in the World is a rich and exciting story about a woman trapped in a universe of apathetic and powerful men, fighting her way out any which way she can. At its worst it’s a well-shot but ultimately middling thriller.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Twilight years? Ridley Scott will hear none of it — he has just made the paciest, most dynamic film ever made by an 80-year-old director.”

The Telegraph: **** “a stylishly streamlined, thriller-ised account”

Rolling Stone: *** “Though the rest of All the Money in the World expertly skims the surface of this true-life drama, Scott makes it a hell of a ride.”

All the Money in the World is in cinemas now. 

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