PREVIEW: Bridget Riley: Recent Paintings 2014-2017, David Zwirner Gallery

David Zwirner will present works created by the artist in the last four years, displayed at the gallery from the 19th January. 

Bridget Riley
Bridget Riley in her London Studio 2017. 

Spanning three floors of the London gallery, this is Bridget Riley’s third solo exhibition at the gallery and will feature wall paintings and works on canvas as well as a group of related studies that focus on two themes.

The works that will be displayed reveals how Riley has extended on the themes of works created in black-and-white and the disc, investigating each topic in new ways.

Over her fifty year career, the artist has frequently returned to earlier ideas and even to specific works in order to identify alternative directions that a form could take.

The ground floor of the gallery will feature wall paintings and works on canvas in which the artist has returned to an achromatic palette for the first time since the 1960s including  Quiver 3 (2014) and Tremor. 

Meanwhile, the first floor will also feature wall paintings and works on canvas but this time featuring a recently inaugurated motif: discs. While these are new to Riley’s lexicon, the work on display are based upon the artist’s Deny paintings from 1966, which feature gridded circular forms. In the upper room of the gallery, visitors will be able to see a group of studies for this body of work.

Bridget Riley: Recent Works 2014-2017 will be on display at the David Zwirner Gallery from the 19th January until the 10th March. For more information visit:


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