PREVIEW: Monster, Vaults Festival

Following its successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, Joe Sellman-Leava’s show arrives in London for the Vaults Festival from the 24th January. 

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What happens when the red mist descends? Why do some people lash out, while others contain their anger? What’s really going on in the minds of young men?

A unique combination of new writing and Shakespeare, featuring fragmented voices of Othello, Patrick Stewart and Mike Tyson, Monster is a thrilling new play where fact and fiction blur, and multiple masculinities collide.

This one man show examines male attitudes towards women, and male role models celebrated in society as well as shedding light on people’s perception of gender, violence and aggression.

Monster experiments with form including a play within a play as well as a narrative split across multiple characters and timelines converging at the play’s climax.

Sellman-Leava has previously had phenomenal success with Labels, which has been touring nationally and internationally since 2015 and won a Scotsman Fringe First. Monster was critically acclaimed during its Edinburgh Festival Fringe premiere in 2017, and is touring the UK in Spring 2018.

Monster will play as part of the Vault Festival from the 24th to the 28th January. For more information visit:

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