REVIEW: The Subject Tonight Is Love by Kate McGarry

Kate McGarry’s latest album and her first with the newly formed trio featuring Keith Ganz and Gary Versace explores love in all forms. 


This thoughtful if sombre sounding album is a reminder of how beautiful music can be in its most simple form. Combining Kate McGarry’s soulful sounding vocals with the talents of guitarist and bassist Keith Ganz and keyboardist and accordionist Gary Versace, this is an album that has many different things to say as well as many different ways in which to say it.

From the sincere rendition of ‘Secret Love’ with its hopeful and romantic qualities all the way through to more quiet  reflectiveness of  ‘Climb Down Whiskey You’re the Devil’ The Subject Tonight is Love has plenty to keep the listener thinking and intrigued throughout.

It is clear from all of the delicate performances both vocally and musically, that the album’s creation has been a real labour of love for all involved – even if at times it comes across as a little too sedate and in need of some passion to liven it up slightly.

But despite this, there are still some very sweet sounding songs to be found in the form of ‘Playing Palhaco’ – one of the more lively tracks on the record and a genuinely sweet and tender rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine’ which warms the heart to listen to.

Given the fact that this is an album about love and hopefulness, it is difficult to not to get an impression that at its heart this is a very serious album – particularly when you are listening to tracks such as ‘Losing Strategy’ which sounds particularly sombre in tone that slightly disheartens the listener. Yet, somehow the album still manages to break free of this, ending with a lovely chirpy rendition of ‘All You Need is Love’ – a song that is designed restore anybody’s faith in the healing powers of love, given a nice jazz twist that works well.

Overall, it is an album that is pretty sedate and can come across as bland in some places, but on the other side of this it is also a record that is a thought provoking and delicate celebration of love.

Tonight the Subject is Love will be released on the 2nd February through Binxtown Records. 

Rating: ❤❤❤

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