The actress best known for her roles in Eastenders and Holby City spoke to Love London Love Culture about her upcoming role in the new UK tour of The Turn of The Screw…


Hi Carli thank you so much for speaking to Love London Love Culture. How excited are you about taking part in this new production of The Turn of the screw?

Very excited but very nervous. I’ve had a little break from stage acting for a few years- building another business and taking care of my little girls, and I was really lucky to get Panto last year at the Mercury Theatre in colchester. When I saw the poster for Turn Of The Screw I almost bought tickets there and then as I love the story so much- and couldn’t believe it when they asked me to play The Governess! It’s such an honour and I’m interested to see how it will be translated to the stage!

How did you feel about Tim Luscombe’s adaptation when you first read it?

It is a really interesting adaptation, with the opening taking place 30 years after the events happened so there is a “flashback” element to it. It’s very loaded and a real page-turner!

Have you read Henry James’s novella to help give you even more insight into your character?

No. I deliberately stayed away from the novel as I knew it was written from a different perspective and I didn’t want to judge the performance.

How would you describe The Turn of the Screw for potential audiences?

A psychological ghost story/thriller! The opening stage direction nearly made me jump and that was just reading it off the page! It’s such an interesting piece as it really makes you wonder what truly happened- Our job as a team is to make the audience leave arguing their points as to whether these things happened as they seem, and what the relationships between the characters are… The composition of the music and the style of the staging is really frightening- I hope we get a few gasps!

Was there anything in particular that attracted you the most about joining this touring production?

Having a job that takes you around the country and pays you to do so is an honour. plus I get to have a rest from housework (ha ha)!

What have been your impressions of your character and her story?

I empathise with her a great deal, I was brought up as a Spiritualist so I believe in positive and negative energies (or ghosts, for want of a better word) and I’m interested in her mind. Without giving the story away, I can’t say too much. But it is interesting researching about historical events and what peoples values were in Victorian times.

What do you think audiences can expect from this production?

To be scared, to be moved, to be made to think, and to discuss their own conclusions with fellow audience members!

What are you looking to most about the production?

The rehearsal process- its a real journey of discovery from all the characters points of view and we are already learning from each other! I love telling stories and making people feel things, so this psychological ghost story is just my cup of tea!

The Turn of the Screw will tour the UK from 23rd February. For more information and dates visit:



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