PREVIEW: Electra, Bunker Theatre

Dumbwise Productions will present this new version of the myth, reimagined  by John Ward from the 27th February. 


A Queen masterminds the murder of her Husband and takes the throne with her new lover. Her Daughter, Electra, grows up in the grip of a cruel regime, swearing revenge. Her Son Orestes, exiled as a boy and raised in the arms of the rebels, waits to embark on a holy mission to reclaim his country.

Two decades later a twist of fate brings Brother and Sister together; united by hate but divided by faith. With the country on the brink of civil war, the most powerful family in the Kingdom are torn apart from the inside as their dark past once again becomes the present.

John Ward’s  new interpretation of the myth will reimagine it as a lyrical modern epic with a live punk-rock score. The production was inspired by the desire to reinvent Greek dramaturgy, with the show putting all the action onstage and championing dynamic dialogue.

The cast for the production is set to include: Lydia Larson (Skin A Cat, Bunker Theatre & Vault Festival; Doctors, BBC; Kidnapped, Virgin), Dario Coates, Sian Martin, Matt Brewer, Dean Graham and Samuel Martin.

Talking about the production Dumbwise’s Artistic Director John Ward said “Electra is the original, anti-establishment, punk-rock legend, and a story rampant for reimagining in a modern age. Setting the play within a seething revolution electrifies the plot, finding new meanings for a modern audience, as the contradictions of today’s politics collide with the shocking violence and energy of this classic revenge tragedy.”

Electra will play at the Bunker Theatre from the 27th February until the 24th March. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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