Interview with… Lydia Larson

The actress is set to star as the title role in Electra as part of The Bunker Theatre’s spring season. She spoke to Love London Love Culture about what people can expect from this modern retelling of the Greek myth. 

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Hi Lydia – how are preparations for Electra going so far? 

Rehearsals have been super exciting. I’ve loved seeing all the different elements – live music, song, movement – gradually coming together.

Could you tell me a bit more about what audiences can expect from this retelling of Electra? 

Music!  David, the composer, has cooked up some killer tunes and the underscoring is super evocative. It really serves the drama.

Were you familiar with the myth before you became involved with the production? 

No I wasn’t. John’s Electra is my first Electra!

What was it about John Ward’s version of Electra that made you want to be involved?

I love working with new writing – and John’s adaption is so fresh and modern it feels like a brand new play. And with this modernity I really hope it attracts new audiences. If you like a good drumbeat and some sick fiddle with punky blood and revenge then this show is for you.

Can you explain to me a bit more about your character Electra and what is she like to play?

It’s a gift of a role – emotionally and physically exhausting – but so so thrilling! Electra has been grieving for her Father for almost twenty years and her desire for revenge is all-consuming, and carrying the weight of it aches like a physical pain. She’s been abandoned by everyone, her loneliness is palpable. But it’s not all doom and gloom. She’s incredibly sharp and witty! A bit morally ambiguous but I admire her determination and drive.

With many Greek myths there is a message that we can take away from it – what would you say the main message of Electra would be? 

Hopefully the play should throw up a few questions rather than providing a single message for it’s audience. Can we ever escape the consequences of our actions? (for example!)

How excited are you about performing the show for audiences?

Rehearsals have been such a laugh (amidst all the serious drama of the play) and now we can’t wait to share this story.

A huge thank you to Lydia for taking time to answer these questions. Electra will play at The Bunker Theatre from the 27th February until the 24th March. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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