This new film based on R.C. Sherriff’s play, stars Paul Bettany and Toby Jones. Here’s what critics have been saying about it… 

The Guardian: **** “The first world war is one of the 20th century’s oldest, grimmest tales of futility and slaughter. Dibb and his excellent cast put new passion into it.”

The Independent: **** ” This version ofJourney’s End may not offer any new perspectives into its subject matter but it is made with a commitment and intensity that stop it from ever seeming old fashioned.”

Irish Times: “Saul Dibb’s new version does not strain itself in opening out the drama.”

The Telegraph: *** “Perhaps the play’s overfamiliarity is the one thing holding this back in the end: you’re expecting it to cross the barrier from solid to gut-wrenching, and that never quite happens. ”

Empire: **** “The technical delivery is skilful if at the lower end of the budget scale, but then again, showing exhilarating combat isn’t the point. Claflin, Bettany et al are playing real people trapped in a situation Samuel Beckett would find hopeless.”

Time Out: **** “Time is taken with each character, making the bursts of action all the more potent. Director Saul Dibb has already given us two solid period dramas in ‘The Duchess’ and ‘Suite Française’, but this is his best yet.”

Vulture Hound: **** “It is a touching, respectful and above all else honest depiction of one of the worst attacks in British history, and is the perfect commemoration to those who sadly lost their lives in the Spring of 1918. Bring tissues.”

Flavour Mag: *****  “Cast performances are exceptional in Dibb’s Journey’s End. Its closeness of intricate character portrayal elevates its narrative to heart-wrenching heights. It is a touchingly tender tribute to those men who have fallen for gallantly.”

Indie London: “It is a moving, thought-provoking piece of work that genuinely impresses.”

Journey’s End is released in cinemas on the 2nd February. 


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