Inside the Rehearsals of… Macbeth, National Theatre

Rehearsal images have been released for the National Theatre’s upcoming production of Macbeth. Here’s a glimpse of what has been happening… 

1002-0027 Beatrice Scirocchi as a Witch in rehearsal at the National Theatre (c)  Brinkhoff and Moegenburg.JPG
(c)Brinkoff and Moegenburg. 

This new production of Shakespeare’s play is the first to be directed by Rufus Norris in twenty five years and is set to star Rory Kinnear and Anne-Marie Duff play Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

The ruined aftermath of a bloody civil war. Ruthlessly fighting to survive, the Macbeths are propelled towards the crown by forces of elemental darkness.

1002-0059 Anne-Marie Duff as Lady Macbeth and Rory Kinnear as Macbeth in rehearsal at the National Theatre (c) Brinkhoff and Moegenburg.JPG
(c) Brinkhoff and Moegenburg. 

The full cast for the production, playing at the National Theatre from the 26th February, is also set to include: Stephen Boxer (Duncan), Kevin Harvey (Banquo), Rakhee Sharma (Fleance), Patrick O’Kane (Macduff), Amaka Okafor (Lady Macduff), Penny Layden (Ross), Trevor Fox (Porter), Parth Thakerar (Malcolm), Beatrice Scirocchi (Witch), Anna-Maria Nabirye (Witch), Hannah Hutch (Witch), Nadia Albina (Gentlewoman), Joshua Lacey (Murderer), Andrew Frame (Siward), Nicholas Karimi (Lennox), Alana Ramsey (Murderer) and Michael Balogun (Doctor).

1002-0110 Rufus Norris and Rae Smith in rehearsals for Macbeth at the National Theatre (c) Brinkhoff and Moegenburg.JPG
Rufus Norris and Rae Smith (c) Brinkhoff and Moegenburg. 

Meanwhile, the creative team behind the production will include set design by Rae Smith, costume design by Moritz Junge, lighting design by James Farncombe and sound design by Paul Arditti.

MacbethRoyal National Theatre London
(c)Brinkhoff and Moegenburg. 

Macbeth will play at the National Theatre from the 26th February until the 23rd June. For more information visit:


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