Review Round Up: Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf star in this coming of age film, written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Here’s what critics have had to say about it… 

The Guardian: ***** “There are such lovely performances here from Metcalf and Ronan, who are very moving as a mother-daughter pairing of anguish and love.”

Irish Times: ***** “One element of the film’s genius is its ability to root us firmly in Lady Bird’s perspective. It does more. Without resorting to hokey voice-over, the picture gives us the sense of a life remembered at a few decades’ remove.”

Empire: **** “It’s painfully hilarious, painfully beautiful, joyful and uncynical, with exquisite hilarity sewn into the details (and by God, this film is funny).”

The Telegraph: **** ” if Gerwig is capable of all this in her first solo feature, who knows what feats of woodwork she’ll craft for us next.”

The Independent: **** “it offers an utterly winning mix of humour, poignancy and sharp-eyed social observation.”

The Daily Mail: **** “exquisitely played by Saoirse Ronan”

The Scotsman: **** “it’s Gerwig’s decision to make the mother-daughter relationship the driving force of the narrative that really makes it special.” **** “Other high school movies have gone looking for big issues but Gerwig’s script finds wry humour in the small dramas that make up every teenager’s life.”

Evening Standard: ***** “Lady Bird is also the kind of film that gets better with every viewing.”

City Am: **** “Gerwig directs with the candour, sensitivity and knowing humour of someone mining their own experience.”

Time Out: ***** “captures a recent era with precision and a hint of nostalgia that’s not distracting”

Radio Times: ***** “Scripted by Gerwig with a deft balance of laudable wit and authentic angst, the film brilliantly depicts the adolescent tendency to rail against everything and anything, and it’s remarkable how heartfelt each and every moment feels”

I News: ***** “Gerwig’s script is beautifully observed throughout, especially in its perfectly-pitched portrait of the central mother-daughter relationship.”

Lady Bird is in cinemas now 



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