To mark the 100th anniversary of the UK’s women’s suffrage, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on 8th March, Pamela Tan-Nicholson reimagines three of the world’s most famous female-led operas. 


Playing at the Peacock Theatre from the 23rd May, Trioperas dramatically revises the stories told in Turandot, Madam Butterfly and Carmen by portraying them as three reluctant heroines who are ahead of their time: Turandot is a cross-dressing daredevil warrior-princess, Madame Butterfly is an ambitious and proud Japanese geisha, and Carmen, the free-spirited Spanish gypsy party girl.

The production has been designed to challenge the conventional portrayals of all three characters by fusing together classical music, musical theatre, circus, martial arts and dance.

Trioperas has been created in a way which allows all female cast members to rotate roles in the three operas. The show will feature  nine multi-talented female performers from a variety of artistic disciplines and backgrounds feature in the production – Sianna Bruce, Keedie Green, Sara Hamilton, Lucy Kay, Martina Mennell, Sarah Naudi, Shoreina Pereira, Katie Shalka and Chiarra Vinci.

Talking about the production Pamela Tan-Nicholson said: “What I have tried to achieve with TriOperas is to provoke a fresh understanding of these three eponymous women, and as well to push the boundaries of what opera is and can be for a 21st century audience – a contemporary, all-inclusive, all-action art form. Traditionally, the women in these operas are represented one-dimensionally – predictable and almost pantomime-like characterisations relying on sexist and racist stereotypes.Puccini and Bizet, male composers of the original operas, portrayed women as villains or victims, bitches or losers. In their era, men had little insight (or interest) either in women or in their unspoken emotions and ambitions behind the façade of society norms.”

Trioperas will play at the Peacock Theatre from the 23rd May until the 1st July. To book tickets click here or visit:, Encore Tickets, See Tickets, Last, Theatre Tickets or Love



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