Love London Love Culture’s Favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs

As Andrew Lloyd Webber celebrates his 70th Birthday with the release of a brand new album and autobiography, Love London Love Culture has created a countdown of our favourite Lloyd Webber compositions….

10. Music of the Night – The Phantom of the Opera: almost poetic in quality, the way in which the song soars is beautiful to listen to. It has plenty of layers to its sound as well as drama that makes it instantly recognisable and one of Lloyd Webber’s best composed songs.

9. Tell Me on a Sunday – Tell Me on a Sunday: having covered this song in my singing lessons I have particular affection for this song. But it also highlights what Andrew Lloyd Webber is particularly good at doing: creating a song that is filled with emotion and is engaging to listen to.

8. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, Evita: created alongside Tim Rice, this is one of the most iconic songs that Andrew Lloyd Webber has composed during his career. It has been recorded by numerous artists – but is perhaps most famously performed by Madonna in the film version.

7. Close Every Door – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: as one of the first musicals that any child is exposed to thanks to its family friendly nature, Close Every Door is where the children’s chorus is best used in the show, heightening the sense of isolation in the scene itself. One of the standout songs in the musical.

6. Mr Mistoffelees  – Cats: ok while the musical is based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, with this Andrew Lloyd Webber was able to create something slightly more experimental (and ok slightly bewildering at times) but is also strangely fun as well. While ‘Memory’ is iconic – I have a special affection for the playfulness of Mr Mistoffelees!

5. I Believe My Heart, The Woman in White: having only recently been acquainted with the music from this musical recently, thanks to the recent production at the Charing Cross Theatre – this is a genuinely lovely piece of music that makes the heart soar.

4. Any Dream Will Do – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: this is such an uplifting song that gets you singing along whether you want to or not. It is one of the catchiest and memorable songs that Andrew Lloyd Webber (along with Tim Rice of course!) has created for a musical.

3. Too Much in Love to Care – Sunset Boulevard: as part of a musical that features one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most sophisticated scores, Too Much in Love to Care is one such highlight that while oozes with drama musically has plenty of sincerity in its lyrics that works as a beautiful blend.

2. Stick it to the Man – School of Rock: this is a great motivational song and offers as Jesus Christ Superstar did, a chance for Andrew Lloyd Webber to just let go and write for a musical that is filled with plenty of fun and extremely talented kids!

1. All I ask of You – The Phantom of the Opera: for my more romantic side, this is my ultimate favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is so wonderfully subtle and sincere it is difficult not to be swept away by the romance of it all.



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