REVIEW: Liza Pulman Sings Streisand, Live at Zedel

The singer and comedienne sings songs from Barbra Streisand’s extensive back catalogue to showcase the many different elements of the respected singer’s voice. 


Ideal for those who adore Barbra Streisand’s extensive career of music, in this show Liza Pulman showcases some of the singer’s lesser known songs as well as classics with touches of her own humour and warmth to create an engaging evening’s entertainment.

Although she is best known as being one third of the satirical comedy trio Fascinating Aida, Liza Pulman has impressive vocal talent that makes her ideal to perform Barbra Streisand’s songs with her own unique twist and arrangements – thanks to the help of music director  Joseph Atkins.

Opening with an extremely energetic performance of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’, the arrangements of all of the songs have very much a jazz vibe about them that offers a rich and exciting range that is always interesting to listen to. This also means that the show flows from song to song with ease and style with no moments that feel awkward or forced.

Throughout it all, the singer is relaxed and although at times the humour seems to fall slightly flat there is no denying Pulman’s great respect and awe for Barbra Streisand that really comes through both in her performance as well as the way in which she refers to her in between songs.

But she is also backed by an extremely talented group of musicians in the form of the Stardust Ensemble, who particularly support Pulman well during her renditions of ‘You Don’t bring Me Flowers’ and ‘People’ – adding beautiful tones to the music that really allows her vocals to shine.

Yet, it is not simply about the music. The show is also dotted with antidotes – including a rather lovely one involving Pulman’s mother that highlights one reason  why Barbra Streisand is held in such high esteem that adds a real personal touch. It is all the little details such as this that Pulman has included that makes the show feel warm and intimate.

What is impressive about the show is the way in which it balances between the more emotional songs such as ‘Sleeping Bee’ and ‘The Way We Were’ and those which are more playful such as ‘Miss Marmelstein’ – which is a real highlight of the performance. It all makes for genuinely rich and varied evening.

Warm, intimate and beautiful to listen to, Liza Pulman really captures the talent of Barbra Streisand while still allowing her own talent and humour to shine through as well. It doesn’t fail to charm from beginning to end.

Liza Pulman Sings Streisand will continue to tour the UK until the 13th July. For more information visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

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