Writer Lydia Rynne spoke to Love London Love Culture about The Buzz, playing at the Bread and Roses Theatre from the 8th May. 


Kyla was once a TV personality. Now she’s the dress hanging on the arm of her celebrity popstar boyfriend. When her anti-establishment squatter brother pays her a surprise visit on the night of the biggest music award ceremony of the year, she is forced to confront the life, and lie, she’s been living.

How did the idea for the play come about? Ever since watching the first UK Big Brother back in 2000, I’ve been fascinated by the allure of fame and the annihilating effect it can have on one’s identity, particularly when it verges on addiction… What person, in their right mind, would want to be photographed on their way to Tesco’s? Or have their thigh gap/non-gap commented on every time they dare to bare their flesh on their (meant to be) peaceful holiday? With The Buzz, I wanted to explore the sinister effect of celebrity culture on one woman’s perception of herself.

Why do you think society has become so obsessed with celebrities and fame? The need to be recognised and praised is a primal desire since time immemorial, as is the idolising of others who (we believe) are more popular than ourselves. Social media has, in many ways, been born out of these two impulses, further encouraging the narcissism we all possess to some degree. Because of this, the notion of what makes a celebrity has changed so much in the last decade – anyone who wants to be known (for better or worse), can put themselves in the public eye at the click of a button. Equally, the innate desire to want to see those better than us suffer (see schadenfreude!) can be played out from behind the protection of our laptop screen (see trolling!).

What can audiences expect from The Buzz? The Buzz is a play that, on the surface, seems very contemporary in its concerns but in fact deals with the timeless conflicts of misuse of power, female oppression, the superficiality of success and the moral and spiritual price we pay for it. I’d love to leave the audience questioning how much they would sacrifice in return for the adoration of the masses.

The Buzz will play at the Bread and Roses Theatre from the 8th May until the 19th May. For more information and to book tickets visit: https://www.breadandrosestheatre.co.uk/the-buzz.html