PREVIEW: Art Now: Lisa Brice, Tate Britain

Tate Britain will present the South African artist’s work for the first time from the 26th April. 

Untitled, 2018, Lisa Brice (c) Lisa Brice. 

This exhibition of the artist’s work is set to include large-scale new and recent paintings which address the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude. These will be on display alongside sketches, drawings and studies, her paintings recast female subjects from art historical paintings, photographs and the media into new environments, imbuing them with a newfound sense of self possession.

Through her work Brice depicts women in all forms, capturing them  in moments of down-time, engaged in a private world, performing everyday rituals. By doing this, Brice  manages to reverse the traditional portrayal of passive female figures by male artists for male viewers and returns power to the women involved.

Born in South Africa in 1968, Lisa Brice is now based in London, while maintaining strong ties to Trinidad. She studied at Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT where she majored in painting. Her first solo exhibition was held in 1993 and has exhibited solo shows in South Africa, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and the United States.

The artist’s work will be displayed as part of Tate Britain’s Art Now series of free exhibitions that focus on the work of new and emerging artists. The series has recently included Marguerite Humeau: Echoes, Simeon BarclayThe Hero Wears Clay Shoes and Edward Thomasson: Together.

Art Now: Lisa Brice will be on display at Tate Britain from the 26th April until the 27th August. 

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