REVIEW: The Merchant of Venice, Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare, Leicester Square Theatre

Actors being completely inebriated is probably not what you expect when you go to see a Shakespeare play. However, Sh*tfaced Shakespeare’s production of the Merchant of Venice is entirely just that.

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With an atmosphere that begins almost like a stand up comedy show, this production is hysterical from start to finish, as you watch an intoxicated actor, and their sober peers, stumble through a heavily-abridged seventy minute version of the classic play.

Despite obviously having a script, with classically acted scenes being interrupted by a drunken Jessica, the true magic of this show relies on its’ improvisation element, which is entirely orchestrated by the drunk member of the cast, and was superbly dealt with. Even when a supposedly slurring “soothsayer” gave a massive spoiler to the audience just fifteen minutes into the show, the rest of the cast did an excellent job of keeping the audience on track with the ever-changing plot line.

The comedy of the show never faltered throughout and the atmosphere that the production created was a welcoming and enjoyable space, where everyone seemed to feel relaxed and settled. However, there was the occasional concern for the wellbeing of the drunken actress, who at one point was hanging out of a window, with two cast mates struggling to carry her into a wooden boat.

The entire cast of this production were superb. Navigating every drunken mishap that they were faced with, with humour and dignity, trying their best to keep the show on track as much as possible. However there were points where I was incredibly worried about the safety of the intoxicated actress, she seemed fine on the whole, but it only took a back being turned for thirty seconds before she had managed to climb down from the stage and run to the back of the theatre before the other actors were able to catch a hold of her!

My biggest criticism would be that, if you were unfamiliar with the story of the Merchant of Venice, you probably wouldn’t have been much wiser as to the true story after seeing this show. Drunken improvisation and creative licensing meant that the majority of the show was reduced so much that I struggled to follow along at times, despite being very familiar with the story!

Regardless of this, the experience of witnessing this play made up for whatever it lacked in story or common sense. The appeal of it’s unpredictable nature made it incredibly funny and I was reluctant for it to end when the evening drew to a close.

It’s impossible to know what William Shakespeare himself would have thought of the production, but as someone who greatly appreciates a good laugh – I thought it was a wonderful night out, and perfect for anyone who enjoys both classical theatre combined with a considerable amount of alcohol!

By Emily Schofield 

Sh*t – Faced Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice continues to play at the Leicester Square Theatre until the 2nd June. For more information visit: 

Rating: ❤❤❤ 1/2


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