NEWS: Head First Acrobats Bring New Show Elixir to the Underbelly Festival

The Melbourne based company will return to the UK, following a run at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 


When three gleefully inept scientists attempt to produce the Elixir of Life, they decide the best test subjects are themselves and chaos erupts in the laboratory. After downing their test-tube concoctions, the scientists begin to test their superhuman strength with increasing reckless feats of daring. When unfortunate side-effects begin to manifest, they apply themselves to answering the Big Questions, such as: do zombies bounce?

Having won the Best Circus and Physical Theatre Award at this year’s Adelaide Fringe, Head First Acrobats bring their show Elixir to the Underbelly Festival along the Southbank from the 12th June.

Combining comedy caper and incredible acrobatic talent, Elixir will see the performers tumbling on the spinning Cyr wheel, handstanding on tottering ladders and balancing on their heads on a swinging trapeze to entertain audiences.

Talking about the news, Co-creator Cal Harris said:”We wanted to create a late-night production different to the current circus shows for people who just want to be entertained. We were first inspired by a movie about the zombie apocalypse and we’ve been developing Elixir over the past few years, adjusting it with every performance. Now we have something that feels less like a contemporary arts piece and more like a comedy action movie.”

Elixir is the critically acclaimed first internationally toured show from Head First Acrobatics. The show won the First and Foremost Entertainment Award for its UK debut at Brighton Fringe in 2015.

Elixir will play as part of the Underbelly Festival from the 12th to the 23rd June. For more information visit:

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