REVIEW: Journey to the Underworld, Pedley Street Station

Funicular Productions invite guests to journey to the underworld with this new immersive and dining experience with a dark fairytale at its centre. 

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All aboard for Funicular Productions latest immersive and dining experience! Taking audiences right into the heart of the underworld with the help of a dark and twisted fairytale in which passengers (guests) have to help rescue the star-crossed lovers from the dark one and outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger and the damnable Dark One.

Throughout this intriguing and enjoyable experience, guests can enjoy a four course menu, which has been created by BBC Masterchef finalist Louisa Ellis and plenty of drinks to steady the nerves!

While there is plenty of drama and intrigue in terms of the theatrical experience, it is also a very relaxing way to spend an evening that allows you to bond with the other people going through the same experience as you sat at your table (depending on how large your group is of course) and there is a great sense of anticipation and excitement as you are taken further and further along the journey.

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As well as being able to order delicious cocktails at the station bar before boarding the train, guests are offered a sinfully good four course meal that includes Butternut Squash Volute, Black Garlic Gnocchi, Guinea Fowl with a braised leek and arran mustard sauce and Chocolate Ganache. All four courses were cooked to perfection with perfect portion sizes that left you wanting more.

Particular highlights of the meal included the black garlic gnocchi with the wild mushrooms, truffle and nasturtium – which was extremely creamy and appetising, while the Chocolate Ganache with the honey ice cream was the perfect way to top off the meal. (It should be noted that you are asked about allergies and preferences before heading into the experience).


Meanwhile, on the theatrical side of proceedings there were immensely enjoyable performances from the cast – exaggerated but playful that really drew the audience into the story and to the experience as a whole. The story could have been perhaps developed further to make it even more atmospheric, but there is still plenty for the audience to get involved with to make them feel active participants rather than just awkwardly sitting on the sidelines. To say anymore about it would ruin the surprises…


Everything about this experience has been imaginatively thought out and created, leaving the audience wanting more that it is a shame that perhaps the only downside to it is the location – which if you have never been to this part of London before is slightly difficult to find as it is somewhat off the beaten track.

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Overall, this Journey to the Underworld was exciting, fun and delicious and well worth a visit to the dark side for!

By Emma Clarendon 

Journey to the Underworld continues to perform at the Pedley Street Station until the 7th November. Tickets are available from £53 from:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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