The exhibition will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album Definitely Maybe.

(c)Michael Spencer Jones.

This brand new and free exhibition will feature never-seen-before photographs of Oasis to allow visitors  to immerse themselves in the album artwork and give them access to behind the scenes photography and memorabilia from throughout the band’s career. 

Running from the 22nd November, the exhibition features the work of Michael Spencer Jones, one of the UK’s most influential rock photographers, responsible for creating some of the most iconic sleeve art in recent British rock history. He was the only photographer allowed access throughout most of Oasis’ career, accompanying them from their pre-fame days in 1993 to their milestone gig at Knebworth in 1996.

The display will showcase he artwork for three of Oasis’ earliest and most influential albums; Definitely, Maybe (1994), What’s The Story (1995)and Be Here Now (1997), with scenes re-created with a series of to-scale immersive mock ups, giving visitors the chance to recreate the iconic poses for themselves. It will also be a chance for fans and visitors to catch a look behind-the-scenes and on to the set of all the shoots for the legendary Oasis album and single covers. 

Michael Spencer Jones said:“I am delighted to be exhibiting my work with Oasis at h Club London, especially the shots and artefacts fans will never have seen before. Seen from the digital matrix in which we now live, Oasis were the last gasp of air in the analogue age; the last great rock’n’roll band before Zuckerberg, before iPhones and before the internet began to shape and control our lives. I hope this exhibition gives fans a chance to pause and reflect and look back upon a time when the face and image of Britain was being revolutionised from below.”

Masterplan 25: The Oasis Photographs will be on display at the h Club Gallery from the 22nd November until the 12th January 2020.


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