Watch: Global Casts of Thriller Live Release I’ll Be There Video

The casts from several international productions of Thriller Live have teamed up to record the video in isolation in support of Black Lives Matter.

In a statement, the international cast and companies of Thriller Live said: ” As a show founded on the talents of black musicians, it is our responsibility to take a stand against the racism happening before our very eyes. We, at ‘Thriller Live’ all stand together in the face of global racism and in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement.As a family of multiple races, beliefs and sexualities, we are bound together by one love, the love of the human race and the ongoing quest for equality for all.”

Featuring the voices of Felipe Adetokunbo, Pedro Henrique, Isacque Lopez, Diego Jimenez, Wayne Anthony-Cole, Haydon Eshun, Samantha Johnson, Zoe Birkett, Joey James, Britt Quentin, Prinnie Stevens, the video is a show of solidarity for those part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Meanwhile, throughout the video those speaking includes: Florivaldo Mossi, Daniel Bradford, Deavion Brown, Shakara Brown, Matt Vjestica, Alice Ross, Jo Dyce, Rose Wild, Game & Jeanine Prempeh, John Maher, Sophia Mackay, Amelia Annie Layng, Sophie Robyn, David Julien, Felipe Adetokunbo, Caleb Stewart, Vivienne Ekwulugo, Cannon Hays, Miles Fraser, Paul Bond, Aisling Duffy, Filippo Coffano, Pedro Henrique, Ike Fallon, Gabriela Hernandez, Danyul Fullard, Ina Yasmine, Joey James, Reece Bahia, Leona Lawrenson, Caroline Stroud, Mari McLeod, Zinzile Tshuma, Rishard Kyro Nelson, Leslie Garcia Bowman, Lauren Gore, Adam  Kovacs, Isacque Lopes, Diego Jimenez, Joanne Conlon, Eliza Hart, Myron Birch, Lewis Davies, Stefan Sinclair, Arnold Mahbena, Oskarina O’Sullivan and Daniel Blessing.

Created, directed and edited by Thriller Live’s director and choreographer Gary Lloyd said of the video: ” This company continues to astound me with their continued compassion, composure and intellect. This film is made up of the minds and voices of generations of Thriller Live alumni from around the world, all of them my beautiful and talented multicoloured family.”

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