This album focusing on music by Abba features some stunning interpretations.

Considering the fact that she is currently playing Donna in the West End musical Mamma Mia! it is certainly no surprise that Mazz Murray offers such depth and understanding with this collection of Abba songs.

While Abba has been covered by so many different artists over the years, Murray’s new and refreshing take feels more authentic and more tender. With the acoustic style that she has chosen, it really allows the listener to pick up on some of the gorgeous details of the original songs.

In particular, songs such as ‘Andante Andante’ and ‘My Love My Life’ work beautifully with their simple but classy quality arrangements, that sweep the listener into a different vibe.

The selection of songs that she has chosen to cover convey the thoughtfulness, poignancy and heartfelt nature of the album, topped with rich and emotional vocals that are so wonderfully controlled. This is highlighted in her rendition of ‘One of Us’, sung with such heartbreaking tenderness that makes you feel the emotion in every note.

Elsewhere, opening track ‘Chiquitita’ sets the album up nicely with its distinct sound, capturing once again Murray’s ability to show great depth and understanding for these songs, which can also be noted on ‘I Have a Dream’ – which is wonderfully wistful and dreamy sounding.

The combination of wonderful arrangements and Murray’s strong and controlled vocals, means that this is an album that is confident sounding as well as unique. It is as much a treat for fans of Abba as it is for those who follow Murray’s work.

By Emma Clarendon

Midnight Mazz – Here We Go Again is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐