Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 21st March 2021

Here’s a guide to some of our most popular reads of the week including the best interviews and reviews that we have shared this week…

(c) Sam Diaz and Dean Johnson

Interview with Newtion Matthews: in one of our favourite interviews of the year so far, the actor chatted to us about starring in Dean Johnson’s filmed production of the musical BKLYN, produced by Lambert Jackson Productions.

Interview with Paul Clayton: another interview that we published this week was with actor and now author Paul Clayton who chatted with us about writing his second book The Hoax which is set to be published on the 1st April.

Interview with Georgi Mottran: feeling stressed and anxious at the moment? This week also saw us talking to opera singer and West End performer Georgi Mottran about becoming a Breathwork practitioner and how it has helped with her.

Review of Firebird, BFI Flare Festival: this week saw the 35th addition of the BFI Flare festival opening and we watched this immensely moving and romantic film set at the height of the Cold War. In our review, we said it: “gets the balance between the drama and the romance at the centre of it perfectly balanced to keep the audience thoroughly absorbed in the characters and the story that is unfolding.” It is available to watch until the 28th March.

Interview with Ken Rea: this week we also chatted to the author of The Outstanding Actor: Seven Keys to Success about this new edition of his book and what advice he would give actors about getting back into work when theatres reopen again.

Review of The Picture of Dorian Gray: this digital production of Oscar Wlde’s story brings it right into the 21st century as we see Dorian Gray obsessing over his social media presence and how it can quickly take a dark turn. It has been exquisitely filmed and is highly recommended. It is available to watch until the 31st March.

Review of Curse of the Crackles: this audio adventure for children is certainly one of the most absorbing audio pieces that has been released as audiences try and make sure that sounds of the world are restored to their rightful place (having been mischievously put out of place by the crackles). Just sit back and let the sounds, songs and characters surround you while you use your imagination to bring them to life in your mind.

Review of Black Matter, Crazy Coqs: during lockdown, Giles Terera wrote a number of songs reflecting on what he has witnessed from his home, using them to comment on issues that are particularly close to his heart. It is a thoughtful and powerful song cycle that grabs the attention from start to finish and is well worth watching.

News: Jack Holden’s play Cruise to have West End run: in an exclusive for Love London Love Culture, we announced that Jack Holden’s new play Cruise (which is being digitally streamed from the 15th to the 25th April) will be playing at the Duchess Theatre for a limited time only from the 18th May until the 13th June.

News: Curtain Call in association with Freelancers Make Theatre Work Announce Ghost Shows Podcast: this new podcast which was announced this week will explore the story of freelancers and how their work has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is available to listen to now through all major platforms.

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