We chatted to Clare about starring as Alvita in The Wife of Willesden at the Kiln Theatre.

(c)Michael Wharley

Hi Clare, how does it feel to be part of this production? It feels fantastic, I love this theatre and Indhu and the cast and production team are fantastic so it’s win win win.

For those who don’t know what is The Wife of Willesden about? The play is very faithful to Chaucer’s The Wife Of Bath; instead of Alison we have Alvita, she is five times married and has a lot to say about it, husbands, and sex, before finally telling her tale.

What was it that made you want to be part of this production? Zadie Smith’s fantastic writing and the chance to work with Indhu again, plus Alvita is one hell of a role.

How have you found working on the production so far?  It feels great and the new cast members that have joined us are just delightful.

How does it feel to be performing at the Kiln Theatre? It feels like coming home.

By Emma Clarendon

The Wife of Willesden continues to play at the Kiln Theatre until the 11th February 2023.


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