We take a listen to the singer’s latest album which showcases exactly what he does best.

Since emerging from the X-Factor, Olly Murs has become a self-assured and genuinely likeable singer/songwriter whose songs are guaranteed to add a bit of sunshine into lives. This is something that looks set to continue with this consistent and fun album that will certainly get people up on the dance floor.

Whether its the flirtatious and cheeky sounding ‘Do Me Like That’ or the uplifting ’25’, this is an album that while perhaps might seem as though he is playing it safe, it actually shows a self-assuredness in the type of music Murs enjoys making. There are plenty of catchy hooks to grab onto as evidenced on songs such as ‘Don’t Stop Dancing’ and ‘I Hate You When Your Drunk’ for example, successfully pull the listener in and ensure that they want to sing their hearts out. This two songs in particular stand out from the rest.

The tone and vibe throughout is full of range and diversity, which ensures that the album is always interesting to listen to. In particular, I loved the groovy nature of ‘Dancing on Cars’ which had touch of a big band vibe for me that heightened the sense of playfulness in the song, while the sharp sound of ‘Best Night of Your Life’ certainly makes the listener sit up and pay attention. This is an album that is mainly upbeat in terms of style, with ‘Marry Me’ being one of the most uplifting tracks on the record.

While much of what you hear on this album might sound slightly familiar to his previous songs (but I do feel like there is something sharper about his songwriting), there is still a sense of pleasure of listening to an Olly Murs album – it’s fun and entertaining and shows there are still singers out there with strong roots in pop music creating songs that people can sing their hearts out to. There is no denying that Olly Murs is someone who knows how to deliver what his fans want, while subtly tweaking aspects to it to try and take it in a different direction. For those looking for an album to dance along to while getting ready for a night out – Murs has certainly got you covered.

By Emma Clarendon

Marry Me is available to buy now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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