REVIEW: Back to the Future, Adelphi Theatre

This is certainly a show that goes 88 miles per hour and will bring joy to fans of the film franchise.

Great scott! This musical was a real treat and surprise for me to discover – having (admittedly) been a bit dubious about the wisdom of turning this beloved film into a musical – that Back to the Future the musical is certainly one of the most innovative musicals visually that I have seen on stage for a long time.

Of course one of the very first questions that you have to ask yourself is how on earth were they going to get the famous DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour? Well thanks to stunning effects and illusions by Chris fisher and and Finn Ross, the audience feel as though they really are seeing something special happening on stage. All of the effects have a very retro vibe about them, while reflecting the scientific parts of the story as well to great effect. The whole show is filled with blink and you’ll miss it moments that leave you awestruck and too good to spoil here – they do have to be seen to be believed. All of the effects have a delightful retro feel about them, sweeping the audience back to the 1980’s and of course beyond.

But there is plenty of fun to be had elsewhere as well. The story remains extremely faithful to the film, retaining so many of the famous lines from the original material that will certainly please fans of the film to hear being said live. Attention has been paid to every detail – right down to the costume and set design by Tim Hatley it feels like a completely immersive experience of bringing this story to life, while ensuring that the quirky aspects of the characters are retained.

Directed by John Rando, there is a fabulous energy to proceedings – although there are some moments which you wish could be slowed down a bit, particularly towards the finale which feels a little bit rushed through but undeniably thrilling (which again I won’t spoil here for anyone who hasn’t seen it). It has to be said however, where the show does fall slightly is the musical numbers, with some feeling slightly unnecessary in pushing the story forward. But as well as enjoying beloved favourites from the film ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Johnny B. Goode’, I did love the energy of ‘Gotta Start Somewhere’ and the charm of ‘Something About That Boy’.

The cast of course have some big shoes to fill and it can’t be easy to put your own mark on these beloved characters – but they do it with great confidence and style. In particular, Roger Bart as Doc Brown is even more zany than Christopher Lloyd and is a delight to watch, while Will Haswell as Marty McFly oozes in charisma in bringing this character to life – there is a great chemistry between them that really delivers. Oliver Nicholas as the nerdy but bighearted George McFly always manages to bring a smile to the audience’s face as he attempts to ask Lorraine to the dance.

There is no doubting it is a fun filled show that will delight audiences no matter what your age is.

By Emma Clarendon

Back to the Future continues to play at the Adelphi Theatre. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comFrom the Box OfficeEncore TicketsLondon Theatre DirectTheatre Tickets and Last

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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