The singer returns with a joyful and uplifting new album.

Hoorah! Shania Twain is back and shows us what we have all been missing with this lively but well controlled album that is filled with songs that are catchy and up lifting. While some of the songs might not have the same level of energy as her biggest hits, you can tell just how much fun she has had in creating this album and offering some great (and singable) songs.

Starting with the infectiously lively and distinctive ‘Giddy Up!’, Twain is clearly confident and on form with the distinctive tones of the country music genre that underpins much of her music – but without being overpowering. It is a fabulous start to an album that is a joyful pleasure to listen to.

The album is able to mix up moods and tones with ease, with songs such as the thoughtful gentleness of ‘Waking Up Dreaming’ contrasting nicely with songs such as ‘Pretty Liar’ which is certainly more edgy than I was expecting – but in a good way. ‘Pretty Liar’ really highlights how her voice has changed since her battle with Lyme disease, leading her then to have open throat surgery. There is certainly a stronger hint of the rock genre to her vocals that adds new depth to her music.

This can also be heard on ‘Not Just a Girl’ which has a strong hint of defiance and attitude to it that brings to mind one of her biggest hits ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman’. For me this track and ‘Got it Good’ are two of the standout tracks on the album. Both are equally catchy and show off Twain’s vocals to their best.

At times, it feels as though the songs don’t have quite the same energy as you would expect from the singer, but this sense of restraint actually works in places. In particular, ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Inhale/Exhale AIR’ there is something really soothing about not only musically and vocally but the lyrics as well that all blend well perfectly. These songs give the album as a whole extra depth as does the wistful sounding ‘Last Days of Summer’.

Overall, it really is a welcome return for the singer who sounds as confident as ever – let’s hope that there is more to come in the future.

By Emma Clarendon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Queen of Me is available to buy and download now.


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