Favourite Tina Turner Songs

Following the sad news of the singer’s death, Emma Clarendon takes a look at some of her favourite Tina Turner songs.

The Best: In terms of iconic songs that she released, this one is definitely number one. A song that anyone can sing along to, from the very first note it is automatically recognisable and really highlights the versatility of her vocals. Definitely a song to get you up and dancing.

What’s Love Got to Do With it?: let’s be honest, aside from Whitney Houston no one could belt out a distinctive love song in quite the same way as Tina Turner could. With this particular song you can really hear the emotion behind it, with her vocals really enhancing the power of the lyrics – definitely a favourite song.

Goldeneye: now aside this being my favourite James Bond film, this for me reflects what a James Bond theme song should sound like – sultry, an air of mystery and Tina Turner bringing it all to life with absolute precision, knowing exactly where to make her vocals to soar but in a controlled way that is mesmerising to listen to.

Proud Mary: as you can see from the video above, the singer’s pure passion for her music and performances never wavered and the sheer energy that she possessed in performing songs such as this was phenomenal and is why she won legions of fans. This song is instantly catchy and memorable in the way in which it used her vocals to such a powerful effect. I would have loved to have seen her performing this song live.

River Deep, Mountain High: I love the way in which her vocals sound particularly raw and sincere on this song that has plenty of rhythm and soul to it that makes it completely engaging to listen to.

Having been privileged enough to have gone to the London Premiere of Tina the Musical and to have seen her no matter how briefly on stage, this was a woman whose power and influence you couldn’t fail to notice whether performing or not. She really trail-blazed her way through the music industry – no matter what horrific circumstances she went through in her life. Her legacy in music will never be forgotten and it is a truly sad loss for rock ‘n’ roll.

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