The festival will take place from the 12th to the 17th June.

The line-up for the week long event will be held at the Soho Theatre next month to celebrate physical comedy and clown influenced contemporary performance. It will feature a range of UK and International clowning to the capital. 

Highlights of the festival include: The fantastic Norwegian clown, recently seen on Britain’s Got Talent Viggo Venn, has moved to London to follow his dream in Viggo Venn: British Comedian; The greatest action hero of all time uses ruthless man skills to confront his worst nemesis in a sexy, camp mission with evil Russians and suppressed raw male emotion in Sam Dugmore: Manbo A modern re-mix of The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells as a touching and comic, high-octane thriller with fast paced fights and slick movement sequences in No One by Akimbo Theatre; Ten of the world’s funniest clowns compete for the highly prestigious CLONG award – Who will be crowned the biggest idiot of all?; And Side-splitting, stiff-upper-lipped hilarity from multi-award-winning festival favourites, The Establishment in Le Bureau De Strange.

The festival was originally founded in 2016 to help to share the joy and fun clown and physical comedy with a wide breadth of audiences as possible and help to expand the image of clown in the public consciousness. 

The full line up for the London Clown Festival is as follows:

Monday 12th June – 7pm – London Clown Festival 2023 Opening Cabaret (120 mins including interval)

Tuesday 13th June – 7pm – Baby Trains
Tuesday 13th June – 8:45pm – Sam Dugmore: Manbo

Wednesday 14th June – 7pm – Marny Godden: Flap ‘Em on the Gate
Wednesday 14th June – 8:45pm – The Establishment: Le Bureau De Strange

Thursday 15th June – 7pm – Ella The Great

Thursday 15th June – 8:45pm – Lucy Hopkins: Secrt Circl

Thursday 15th June – 10:15pm – Cabaret Impedimenta

Friday 16th June – 7pm – Viggo Venn: British Comedian

Friday 16th June – 8:45pm – CLONG

To find out more about the festival visit:

Saturday 16th June – 7pm – Healing King Herod

Saturday 16th June – Akimbo Theatre: No One


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